Whilst some of you might suggest that Sadio Mane’s goal at Arsenal, Philippe Coutinho’s strike against Hull or Jordan Henderson’s worldie against Chelsea are Liverpool’s best moments of the season, I’ll politely disagree.

For me, the best single bit of action of the campaign was Dejan Lovren smashing the ball into the stands at Swansea.

Just watch it, it’s glorious. In fact, it’s so good, I’m going to break it down, step-by-step, Monday Night Football-style.


Ok, before we start, we need some context, why is Lovren deciding to put the ball into the away end? Well, firstly, Liverpool have put an absolute horror start behind them and have turned a 1-0 deficit into a 2-1 lead and time is running out. Liverpool’s players have been caught in a bit of a ‘stick-or-twist’ situation. Do they look to get a third to kill the tie or hold what they have? Well Divock Origi and Emre Can have both been a bit naive with the ball. They’ve had it in the Swansea final-third and both given it away far too cheaply. They needed to keep it, score or smash a shot into the crowd, but both have hit a lame shot or cross.

Lovren is furious. He knows the Reds have been tested at the back and he knows his goalie has had a bit of a shocking game. He wants no part of that ball getting near his goal, the last time it did, Swansea very nearly scored.

The Run Up

Onto the kick itself, let’s start with the run up. I say run up, but he doesn’t actually take one!

The ball ricochets towards him and rather than take a run at it, he simply stands still but changes his body shape. Very impressive technique ahead of a vital blammer into the stands.

Look at how he lets the ball get right below his eyeline, notice how he gets his standing foot right next to the ball, see how he leans back, any kids out there who want to learn how to hit a ball into Row Z from the halfway line should watch this master class.

The Hit

Boy, he doesn’t half smash it!

Look how hard he hit it with no run up. It clears the pitch and the space behind the goal and ends up in the stands. I’ve not seen a ball hit so hard and high since his penalty in Besiktas. Great technique!

The Cheer

Listen to the Reds fans cheer as he hits it. They know the score. We all love pretty football but sometimes it needs hitting out the ground.

The Commentary

“Plenty behind that!” Yes, there was mate, yes there was.