Liverpool Football Club have acted to clear up any confusion caused by an error from delivery company DPD regarding the delivery of the club’s new kit for those who pre-ordered it.

DPD contacted those who had ordered the new kit/shirt from the official website telling them that they would receive it today when, in fact, they will not receive it until tomorrow.

Plenty of fans thought they’d be getting their order one day early and some, no doubt, will have made arrangements to be at home today having been told to expect a delivery.

Liverpool contacted those who received incorrect information from DPD with the following message:

An email was sent out stating that UK kit pre-orders would be delivered on Thursday 18th May. This was sent in error and DPD have sent a further message saying that delivery is delayed until tomorrow. Please note that all UK kit pre-orders will be delivered on Friday May 19th as stated on our website. DPD will send out further tracking information with the delivery time for delivery tomorrow in due course.