Twitter can be a wonderful thing. I mean, it’s absolutely bonkers at times and causes a lot of problems, but it can create a sense of community and it can give us all a laugh.

I’ve taken a look back at the best things that happened on Twitter regarding the Liverpool community, after all, I needed something to cheer me up after we didn’t even make a bid for our top target…

  • Two Guinean journalists, Amadou Makadji and Sega Diallo, becoming absolute heroes.
  • Some fella taking an in-depth dive into German law regarding the possible breach of employment contracts after Ralf Rangnick’s rather racist comments about Naby Keita’s advisors.
  • Some trying to organise a campaign to boycott Red Bull after Leipzig refused to sell us their best player.
  • Giving a Southampton forum more hits in a month than it’s had since it’s been on the internet just to check what some ‘ITK’ was saying about Virgil van Dijk.
  • People actually tracking private aeroplanes that happened to be leaving from, or arriving at, Liverpool’s John Lennon airport.
  • One popular flight tracking website getting so much traffic that it actually crashed.
  • Cross-referencing the registration numbers of silver Mercedes people carriers against those seen in official LFC videos.
  • The eyes emoji being used by people as an indication that they knew, or claimed to know, a deal was happening.
  • Everyone losing their s**t about Phil Coutinho leaving after a rumour he was off, only for him not to be sold (as it stands!).
  • The LFC Twitter account being bombarded with messages pleading to sign Virgil van Dijk every time they sent out a tweet.
  • New CEO Peter Moore being bombarded with questions and complaints about transfers even though his job does not have any involvement in transfers.
  • Countless “If There’s Any Justice” and “50/50” jokes when we were linked with Thomas Lemar. Lamar (the singer, not the player) has never had so much free publicity.
  • A guy pretending to be a doctor at Liverpool’s Spire hospital and ‘confirming’ the fact that some medicals had been booked. They obviously hadn’t.
  • The official LFC Twitter account messing up the Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain announcement by posting a dead link.
  • The official LFC Twitter account doing a major reveal for Mo Salah while poor Andy Robertson only got a tiny video with an advert at the end of it.
  • Everyone looking forward to £175m worth of movement on deadline day only for us to announce a player we knew we had already bought, sell Mamadou Sakho & loan a few lads out.
  • Some lad calling the Liverpool Echo’s James Pearce ‘a bad meatball’.
  • Seeing one of our best players miss five games with ‘a bad back’ only for him to get on a long haul flight to train with his national team, then play for them and score.
  • Guillem Balague sayinh Liverpool had no interest in Thomas Lemar days after saying that their interest in Lemar wouldn’t affect the club’s stance on Philippe Coutinho.
  • Fans begging journalists for information then going ape s**t when said information was leaked regarding Virgil van Dijk, which led to the club apologising for tapping him up.
  • Actual adults saying that Liverpool only bid for players they couldn’t get so it looked like they wanted to spend money when they didn’t.
  • Liverpool fans jumping on Linda Pizzuti Henry’s Periscope of Billy Joel singing and bombarding her with messages saying “Announce Van Dijk”.

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