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Liverpool’s Best Wins vs Man City

The run in has begun in the Premier League and Liverpool will be looking to secure a Champions League place with only 10 games left. But first, … Read More

Liverpool Player Ratings: Burnley (H)

Liverpool may have put in one of the worst performances this season at Anfield, but to play that badly and still go away with the three points is a … Read More
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Three ways Liverpool can beat Burnley

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Liverpool player ratings: Arsenal (H)

What a way to get back to winning ways! Liverpool when on form are a dangerous prospect for any team in the league, especially against the top … Read More
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Liverpool’s best recent wins over Arsenal

On Saturday evening, Liverpool and Arsenal will face off in a battle which could arguably be a big turning point in deciding who finishes in the top … Read More

Something needs to change at Liverpool because this is embarrassing!

Why do I bother? Every single time for the past seven or so seasons, I've asked myself that very same question over and over again expecting for … Read More