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Five options for Liverpool without Adam Lallana

Liverpool supporters were rocked by the news that Adam Lallana could miss up to four weeks with a thigh injury sustained on international duty with … Read More

Liverpool v Plymouth Argyle: Player Ratings

Sometimes you really regret taking on the player ratings... Liverpool hosted League Two outfit Plymouth Argyle at Anfield for the first time … Read More
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The Best of Liverpool FC: Early Season Awards

It's that time of year again, when yet another dull international break's upon us, our players are scattered across the globe (banging in the … Read More
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Player Ratings: The Season So Far

It's official - after months of insult-hurling, scandalous revelations, and continued promises to build one very long wall in particular, Donald … Read More
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Manager Review: Chelsea 1-2 Liverpool

Five games in to the 2016/17 Premier League season and things are looking good for Liverpool Football Club. The Burnley result has now well and … Read More

Player Ratings: Liverpool 4-1 Leicester

Liverpool welcomed the Champions Leicester City to a new-look Anfield for this weekend's Saturday evening kickoff. In what turned out to be a … Read More
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