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Four Findings: Sevilla 3-3 Liverpool

Some draws feel like wins and others feel like losses. Liverpool’s trip to Spain seemed a lot more like the latter, despite drawing to a team that … Read More

Four Findings: Liverpool 3-0 Southampton

International breaks have been a bit hit or miss for the Reds of late, but Liverpool could not have managed their way in and out of this most recent … Read More
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Four findings: West Ham 1-4 Liverpool

This time, Liverpool leave London and head into an international break with a full three points. After a humbling defeat two weeks ago, the Reds … Read More
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Four Findings: Liverpool 3-0 Maribor

After recently battering the Slovenian side at home, Liverpool faced a visiting team determined to avoid a repeat showing. While patience was … Read More

Four findings: Liverpool 3-0 Huddersfield Town

It was not quite as an emphatic a victory as the scoreline suggested. In fact, it took the half to reset and find a way to breakthrough before … Read More
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Four Findings: Tottenham Hotspur 4-1 Liverpool

The heights of the midweek victory gave way to a humbling defeat at the weekend. Liverpool’s self-destructive impulses were on full display and … Read More