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Four Findings: Manchester City 1-1 Liverpool

In what can only be described as a thriller with breathless end-to-end action for nearly 90 minutes, Liverpool drew 1-1 with Manchester City at the … Read More

Four Findings: Liverpool 2-1 Burnley

Having bested Arsenal last week, the prospects of beating Burnley left Liverpool supporters with justifiable concerns. Particularly since the turn of … Read More
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Four findings: Liverpool 3-1 Arsenal

Big match at Anfield, cue big performance from the Reds. After an abject performance away on Monday, Liverpool jumped on Arsenal early and … Read More

Four Findings: Leicester City 3-1 Liverpool

After 16 days without playing a match, Liverpool looked like they remained in La Manga. From the opening whistle, the Reds were dominated by a … Read More

Four Findings: Liverpool 2-0 Tottenham Hotspur

Finally, Liverpool rediscovered their form to earn their first league win of the new year. The Reds put in a near-perfect performance at Anfield to … Read More
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Four findings: Hull City 2-0 Liverpool

The new year continues to be cruel to the Reds, despite the false dawn of a decent midweek performance against Chelsea. Liverpool capitulated yet … Read More
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