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Four Findings: Porto 0-5 Liverpool

Operation Porto accomplished. In the their first appearance in the Champions League Round of 16 since 2009, Liverpool traveled to Portugal for a … Read More
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Four Findings: Southampton 0-2 Liverpool

In a match where Liverpool may not have played at their best, the scoreline clearly flattered the home side. The Reds counterattacked with … Read More
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Four Findings: Liverpool 2-2 Tottenham Hotspur

In a critical clash that could determine the top four, Tottenham Hotspur arrived at Anfield just two points behind Liverpool and lingering in fifth … Read More
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Four Findings: Huddersfield Town 0-3 Liverpool

Having fallen badly in the last two matches, Liverpool were desperate to make statement and fix faults that were exposed. The Reds did just that … Read More
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Four Findings: Liverpool 2-3 West Bromwich Albion

In what can only be described as a shocker, Liverpool crashed out of the FA Cup in round four. Poor in their last league match, losing to Swansea, at … Read More

Four Findings: Swansea 1-0 Liverpool

Frustration reigned at the Liberty Stadium as Liverpool looked the complete mirror image of the side that bested the league leaders. All the … Read More