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K.E. Walter

Arbitrary facilitator for the compilation of words; intermittently lost in a variety of sauces. Author of "The Winds of Crowns and Wolves", available on Amazon.

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This Side of Penalties

Amory running, turbid down pitch, is tackled in a clash of titanic difference, his legs cut from under him, sprawling forward onto the cut grass … Read More

The Secret History of the Redmen: In Search of Goals

And so it came and went, that the search for winning firepower would turn up empty-handed, time and time again. Not since the time of the great … Read More

The Secret History of the Redmen: Klopp the Swift

Those who look on in the future will not know him as Jürgen, but merely a cacophonous racket, which sent thunder claps of fear throughout European … Read More

Ode to a Doppelganger: The Redmen

Every now and then, it's said that you can find a person in the world who looks exactly like you, without any of the slightest deviations you would … Read More

Inside the hive-mind: Supporters and rash opinions

When approaching a topic of discussion within the various communities dedicated to discussing Liverpool Football Club in all of its glorious … Read More

Combined Liverpool and Newcastle Premier League XI

Rarely is it so that a single match carries as much bravado and sustainability as the 4-3 win for Liverpool at Anfield against Newcastle United. … Read More
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