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Liam Smith

Massive red. Like to give my opinions on anything football related.

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Mohamed Salah… On his way to Liverpool?

Social media went crazy on Wednesday night as the Mohamed Salah to Liverpool transfer reports had fans refreshing their Twitter feed every other … Read More

Predicted XI: Middlesbrough (H)

Liverpool go into Sunday's game knowing this is undoubtedly the biggest game of the season. Forget the win against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge or … Read More
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West Ham 0-4 Liverpool: Post match reaction

Was there anything to worry about? Of course there wasn't! On a very warm Sunday afternoon, the Reds prevailed 4-0 winners against if we're … Read More

Predicted XI: West Ham (A)

Liverpool have had a rather rollercoaster of a season, and still can't be deemed as successful or not as of yet. With the next two games … Read More
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West Ham vs Liverpool: Preview

The Reds will face a long trip down to West Ham where we hope to gain three points to keep Champions League qualification in our own … Read More

Michael Keane… Really?

Michael Keane, the born and bred Manchester United fan being linked to Liverpool for £25m. Like most, I'm not happy with this, but not just … Read More