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Manchester City vs Liverpool: A Heavy Metal Chess Match

This last week has been huge. It felt huge before it came around, and even with a 3-0 cushion against Manchester City, it still feels like we’re in … Read More

FSG – Remember who you’re here to serve

Supporting Liverpool Football Club is a joy. The results may pain us, the performances may drain us but we are all part of a gang. A group, a club. A … Read More

Watford and Man City show interest in Sinclair

Liverpool's youngest ever player and scorer of their first goal vs Exeter City last Friday Jerome Sinclair is subject to interest from Watford and … Read More

Player Ratings: Exeter City 2-2 Liverpool

Well. How mad was that? Considering we didn't lose, that was a good little game, wasn't it? The young lads fought hard, especially right after the … Read More
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Predicted Liverpool XI v Exeter City

On Friday, Liverpool FC make their second away cup trip of the week to League Two side Exeter City. The journey, somewhat of a nightmare fixture … Read More
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Liverpool Football Club: What is an academy for?

A lot has been spoken about Liverpool’s academy. We’ve had false dawns (Daniel Pacheco), nearly men (Suso) and the real deal (Raheem Sterling) … Read More