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Sam Brown

General sports writer specialising in American football, soccer and cricket. Available for freelance journalism and broadcasting.

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Who was Liverpool’s best player against Hoffenheim?

Returning to Anfield with a precarious 2-1 lead, Liverpool fans would have been forgiven for a trace of pre-match nerves ahead of the second leg of … Read More
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Cincinnati Bengals Season Preview

If 6-9-1 isn't the most dissatisfying record you can achieve, I don't know what is. Not bad enough that you get a very high draft pick- not good … Read More

New York Jets Season Preview

Fasten down the hatches, this is gonna be a bumpy ride. Sirens blare around the team facility in New Jersey. People head for the hills. Bunker down. … Read More

Cleveland Browns 2017 Season Preview

As Josh Lambo sliced a 45 yard field goal try wide right in the dying embers of a Week 16 Yuletide festival of terrible football, the Cleveland … Read More

Madden 18: Top Five Quarterback Ratings

With the release date of Madden NFL 18 almost upon us, the developers have been releasing the ratings of some key players. We've already covered the … Read More

RAF Writers’ Roundtable: Will they return to the playoffs? NFC Edition

Every year, 12 NFL teams punch their ticket to the playoffs. Some of them, we expected to be there. Others are a surprise and raise eyebrows of fans … Read More