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Sam Brown

General sports writer specialising in American football, soccer and cricket. Available for freelance journalism and broadcasting.

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Alternative Ashes Series Predictions

How can one urn so tiny, mean so much? Few sporting rivalries can claim the heritage and splendour of an Ashes series. Steeped in majesty, … Read More
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Liverpool player ratings: Maribor (H)

Following the 7-0 drubbing in Slovenia, as Maribor arrived on Merseyside Liverpool fans would have been forgiven for being slightly apprehensive. A … Read More
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Liverpool player ratings: Manchester United (H)

The sensible money would probably have been on this result ahead of Saturday. In last season's bout at Anfield, the teams ground out a 0-0 draw, with … Read More
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‘What the Hell’s going on out here?’ – NFL Week Three Losers

The Entire Baltimore Ravens Organisation  We have to start with this - Joe Flacco finished with fewer passing yards than the Jacksonville Jaguars … Read More

“What the hell’s going on out here?” NFL Week Two’s biggest losers

If one of the culprits sees themselves on this list, don't take it personally- I want only the best for you. Your position in this article is the … Read More

The All 2012 Draft Team

A while ago, I wrote an article on 'The All 2011 Draft Team'. It was my attempt to create the best possible team using the 2011 Draft (and undrafted) … Read More