In a recent poll, we discovered the Liverpool home shirt that Reds’ fans voted as the best of the modern era.

We’ve now decided that we also want to know which away shirt of the modern era Reds fans like the most.

Similarly to the home shirt vote, we know that football didn’t begin in 1992 but we had to decide on a starting point, so once again we decided to go with the launch of the Premier League.

So which modern era away shirt is the best?

Have your say below with our new feature, Duel, which pits shirt up against shirt until a victor emerges. Simply vote for which of the two shirts you think is better, and we’ll go ‘winner stays on’ style until we get an eventual winner!

In the coming days, we’ll reveal which shirt you voted as the best, so get voting now:

Note: We’ve not included any shirts that were designed specifically for third kits in the vote.