Liverpool’s tour of the United States is over.

The players have landed back in England after a tough and productive trip to finish off their pre-season on home soil.

Matches against Chelsea, AC Milan and Roma are sure to have been good run outs for the lads trying to build up their fitness for the upcoming season. With one win and two losses over three matches, Jurgen Klopp has a lot to analyse and implement into the players.

It proved to be a treat for fans in America who got to see the players up close but honestly, I’m more than glad it’s over. Waking up at the early hours of the day for a match is not something I’ll miss and credit to overseas fans that do that each and every week!

The games have been long and the match times painful to endure, but we as fans have certainly learnt a lot more about Klopp’s squad and what we can expect in the future

These are the five things I think we’ve learnt during the US tour:

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