It wasn’t easy and it certainly at times wasn’t pretty, but Liverpool managed to hold on in the end to secure all three points against West Bromwich Albion.

With Manchester City winning and Manchester United on the heels of those Champions League places, it was vital the Reds got the win to put pressure on the clubs around them – no matter how they did it.

The first half was, well, boring to put it bluntly. Neither team looked like scoring, passes were going astray and both goalkeepers weren’t being tested enough. But Jurgen Klopp’s men, on the brink of half time, got the decisive goal through a set-piece (ironically) put in by Roberto Firmino.

The second half saw the Reds get into the game more and create some very good chances to make it 2-0 but they couldn’t capitalise. The home side had one great chance to put it level, but Simon Mignolet was having none of it with another superb save following from last week.

Despite everything, especially the nervy last four minutes of the game, Liverpool pulled through to reclaim their third place position in the table.

Here are my player ratings from the match:

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