After three years away from European’s elite, Anfield played host to Liverpool’s opening Champions League group match against Sevilla.

In what can only be considered a missed opportunity, the Reds could only hang on for a draw against the Spanish side that bested them in their last cup final.

Despite things beginning with an almost worse case scenario, the Reds rebounded and should feel aggrieved in settling for this stalemate. A cracking night beneath the lights turned darker when Liverpool conceded so early but took the lead before the break.

Yet as so often has been the case, one goal leads cannot be trusted to this Reds side. It is a tired, trite theme that looks no closer to being resolved. Joe Gomez seeing a red card means that more defensive changes are in store but more than a different right back may be required.

After the drubbing the Reds took at the weekend, a midweek opportunity to move forward went squandered and suggests that more inconsistent performances at the back will likely be the rule until deeper changes are made.

Here are four findings from the match…

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