In a mad, mad, mad game Liverpool found another way to drop points despite getting a decent result. Despite taking a 2-0 lead the Reds could have been ahead by four. Instead, Liverpool settled for a 3-3 draw against Arsenal at the Emirates.

The Reds should have been running away at half time but frustratingly found their ruthlessness wanting again. Two gilt-edged chances to close the opening period went wasted and left the door open for the home side to regroup. Arsenal did just that, scoring three goals in under five minutes before Liverpool answered to draw level.

Still, this was another definitive stumble for the Reds that will invite all manner of criticism of their defence anew. For a few minutes, Liverpool completely lost their heads. Individual errors abounded, letting down the collective, and Arsenal absolutely punished Liverpool for them. After a run of half-decent form against mediocre attacking opponents, the Reds regressed to the mean.

Here are four findings from the match.

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