When you listen to fans all over the country, they just don’t get it.

They just don’t get how much it would mean for Liverpool to win the Premier League. The day-to-day cycle of what this club goes through is incomparable to any other club in England.

If Liverpool were to win the Premier League nothing will come close for the people of this club. The fans, who have suffered through the face of adversity. Getting told everywhere you go that you won’t get a job when you’re older because people are still blind enough to listen to stereotypes.

No other club in world football has a connection with their fans like Liverpool do. The people of this city live and breath football, it’s born inside of them to support Liverpool Football Club.

The season of 2013/14 hurt. It hurt more than anything I have been through as a Liverpool fan. The emotion and energy that went into that season was unbelievable.

At times the emotion took over, even perhaps when you should have taken a step back. The emotion of that season is something that will stay with Liverpool fans until the Premier League is won. The whole city was overcome by it. Buses were welcomed with flares and emotion, whereas opponents Manchester City didn’t have any of that.

Liverpool fans are different from every other fan base in England because they don’t want to be associated with other Premier League supporters. They don’t want to be associated with the same people who mock the poverty in the city week in week out, and they don’t want to be associated with fan bases who are obsessed by them and change the lyrics of their songs.

With Liverpool, there are certain details that should be acknowledged and accepted, it is what makes the club affectionate to so many and is what makes others despise it so deeply. The core undervalues of the club is what makes it so difficult for those not a part of it to understand.

No other club has been as low as Liverpool, and no other club has been as high as Liverpool.

You can laugh at various media outlets as they try to surround people with the typical ‘it’s our year’ cliché when in reality, what is the point of being a football fan if you don’t at least believe?

You can laugh at the social media accounts that post horrific photos and don’t understand why people retaliate. Or you can go along with the majority of fans in England and believe that Manchester City, a billionaire-ran club, who have no historical background, with a manager who has a net spend of over £200 million, deserve to win the league.

In reality, it’s teams like City and Chelsea, along with factors such as Sky Sports that have made the Premier League such a money hungry institution.

If Liverpool do go to win the Premier League this season, it will have nothing to do with anything but Liverpool. The fans deserve it more than anything because it means so much more to them.