It may seem like we’re getting ahead of ourselves thinking about next season’s Liverpool campaign when there’s still so much to play for this term, but Liverpool today received confirmation that next year’s Champions League efforts could be considerably easier than in years past. 

The Reds will be, at the bare minimum, in pot two of the group stage draw. In their second consecutive semi-final, Liverpool’s UEFA club coefficient is now such that they cannot be in pot three again. 

This will come as welcome news to Liverpool fans, who will be keen to avoid another group of death scenario, such as we saw earlier this year. 

If Liverpool can win either the Champions League or the Premier League (truly a colossal ‘if’), Jurgen Klopp’s side would progress into pot one. 

The sustained European success of this team is starting to add up, and there will be a few more relaxed faces around at the time of the Champions League group stage draw next season. 

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