Whilst those inside Anfield were in awe of Mohamed Salah’s second goal against Arsenal, it seems like the Sky Sports commentator Martin Tyler was less than enthused by it.

Yes, he praises Salah but his tone of voice is hardly as excited as, say, when he was full of emotion when Anthony Martial scored his debut goal for Manchester United against The Reds.These Liverpool fans were quick to pick up on Tyler’s rather emotionless reaction.

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For some reason, plenty of football fans tend to think that commentators or pundits dislike their team but in truth, that’s probably not the case.

However, great goals are often made even better by great commentary, as Liverpool fans will know from the likes of Steven Gerrard’s strike against Olympiacos in 2004.

Salah’s goal was genuinely stunning and yet Tyler doesn’t even seem to show any excitement at all, which is why Liverpool fans are criticising him as that wonderful solo effort from the Egyptian deserved world class commentary.