At some point, Liverpool was going to lose, however, few predicted it would be on the precipice of breaking the record for most consecutive wins in Premier League history.

Yet, the Reds were humbled by Watford 3-0 at Vicarage Road for their first defeat in the league this season.

The Reds failed to take heed from West Ham’s scare on Monday night. Watford reopened the defensive fissures exposed by the Hammers and showed much more solidity, providing the shock result of the season.

The first half uncharacteristically featured a Liverpool side that looked more passive and plodding than any performance during this campaign. They controlled possession but could not penetrate nor produce any clear-cut chances. Nothing looked quite right.

However, the Reds have routinely demonstrated how decisive half time can be during this campaign. Despite a slightly brighter second-half start, Watford’s Ismalia Sarr broke the deadlock, stunning Liverpool. Contrary to expectation, the Reds never really recovered.

The response never arrived and Watford walloped the league leaders, handing them their first league defeat in over a year.

Here are our ‘Four Findings’ from the match.