Despite recent questions and concerns, Liverpool beat Bournemouth 2-1 on Saturday for their 22nd consecutive league win at Anfield, breaking their own record from 1972.

The result was not the prettiest nor the most commanding of victories but it leaves the Reds needing only six more points to secure their 19th title and first in 30 years.

Having lost back to back matches for the first time in over a year it was a crucial and challenging win.

The Reds began brightly, dispelling any notion on Merseyside they could not arrest their flagging form.

Then debate descended when play was allowed to proceed after Bournemouth’s Callum Wilson shoved Joe Gomez from behind without consequence and play continued. The Reds scrambled and Bournemouth engineered a well-worked goal before 10 minutes had elapsed.

It was a shock supported by VAR and served as extra inspiration for Liverpool to overcome.

Possessing the patience they have exercised earlier this campaign, they quickly recovered and reset. With reason to feel aggrieved, the Reds returned to playing as they were before conceding. This time patience proved profitable and they were able to pounce on the Cherries with breaks.

Finding more than one way to break a team was a hallmark of the Reds during their historic run. Returning to their winning ways required finding some solutions. Despite difficult periods in the match and an uneven performance, they found them.

Here are our ‘Four Findings’ from the match…