Whilst Liverpool’s players might now be back in training, there’s going to be at least a few weeks before games are played, so we’ve all got some time to kill.

To help pass the time, and to give your brain a bit of exercise, we’ve created this quiz.

We’ve scrambled up the names of 20 Liverpool players, past or present, into the anagrams below. You simply need to unjumble the letters and figure out which Liverpool players they are. 

You’ve got 20 minutes to solve all of the anagrams and you need to make sure you get your spellings correct when answering – you’ll need to type in the player’s first name and surname!

HINT: Every player named has played for the Reds in the Premier League.

Good luck!

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Hint Answer Correct
Grant Reserved
Wheel In Coma
Usual Sizer
Man Mets Caveman
Iron Timber Roof
Randy Up Hymn
Mid Claim Rivers
Transfer One Rod
Industrial Greed
Harm A Van Rejoices
Lavender West Reds
Ironic Bags
Magical Beryl
Hibernates Neck It
Brine Oak Bee
Novel Den Jar
Sly Grit Caramel
Me In Red Afternoons
Swatting Wonder
Iron Balsam