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Redknapp: Liverpool could still sign Virgil Van Dijk

Just under a week ago, much to the dismay of many Liverpool fans, the club issued a public apology to Southampton for the tapping up of their star … Read More

Grades on Liverpool’s 2016 summer transfers

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Liverpool youngster has ‘bundles of quality’

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Liverpool Player Ratings: West Brom (A) – Adrian’s grades

It wasn't easy and it certainly at times wasn't pretty, but Liverpool managed to hold on in the end to secure all three points against West Bromwich … Read More
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Liverpool Player Ratings: Bournemouth (H)

Liverpool looked to be close to securing a scrappy win against a weaker team but the same problems occurred with the Reds yet again shooting … Read More
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Liverpool’s Best Wins vs Man City

The run in has begun in the Premier League and Liverpool will be looking to secure a Champions League place with only 10 games left. But first, … Read More