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2018 is McLaren’s worst failure yet

Since 2015, McLaren has redefined the popular sporting phrase 'overpromised and underdelivered'. It was switching to a Honda power unit which was, … Read More

F1 arrives in Spain with a host of unanswered questions

Traditionally, the Spanish Grand Prix is where things begin to heat up, literally and figuratively in Formula 1. Various pundits will explain that … Read More

In defence of the under-fire Bottas

We’re just two races into the 2018 season, and already there are suggestions that Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas is under serious pressure. After … Read More

Who was Liverpool’s best player against Stoke?

Substitute Mohamed Salah scored twice as Liverpool moved up to fifth with a 3-0 victory against Stoke at the bet365 Stadium. The Reds took the … Read More
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Mane and Firmino expected to start at Stoke

Jurgen Klopp appears to have confirmed Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino will return to the side for Wednesday's visit to Stoke, admitting it is "not … Read More

Who was Liverpool’s best player against Chelsea?

Liverpool were forced to settle for a point against rivals Chelsea at Anfield after Willian's looping effort cancelled out Mohamed Salah's … Read More
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