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Four Findings: Liverpool 4-0 Brighton Hove Albion

It was never really in too much doubt. While Liverpool waited until the final day to secure their place in the Premier League’s top four and … Read More
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Four Findings: Chelsea 1-0 Liverpool

Liverpool seem incapable of taking the easy road. Once again, the Reds complicated their top four prospects instead of polishing them. Liverpool … Read More

Four Findings: Roma 4-2 Liverpool

Liverpool may have lost a match in Rome but they punched their ticket to the Champions League final. Roma responded with a brave but broken … Read More

Liverpool Player Ratings: Stoke City (H)

Liverpool and Stoke played out a goalless draw at Anfield today, in a result that really helped neither team. Stoke could've won it late on … Read More

Four Findings: Liverpool 0-0 Stoke City

In a thoroughly underwhelming display, Liverpool faltered in a match that had must-win implications. Patience turned into predictability as Stoke … Read More

Four Findings: Liverpool 5-2 Roma

Despite another spell of late sloppy play, Liverpool all but booked passage into the Champions League final in Kiev. Some late sloppiness took … Read More
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