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Four Findings: Liverpool 3-0 Bournemouth

Despite a scary start that saw Alisson bat away an early effort, Liverpool regained their form, battering Bournemouth 3-0 at Anfield. Bournemouth … Read More

Four Findings: West Ham 1-1 Liverpool

The recent warm-weather training trip to Dubai has seemingly done Liverpool few favours. The Reds met an inspired West Ham side that stymied the … Read More

Four Findings: Liverpool 1-1 Leicester City

After a brief respite, Liverpool returned to league action Wednesday evening, hosting Leicester City, and eventually drawing 1-1. The match was made … Read More

Four Findings: Liverpool 4-3 Crystal Palace

In a match that surprised everyone, the Reds reasserted their seven-point lead atop the table. In a match that saw far more goals than expected, … Read More

Four Findings: Brighton 0-1 Liverpool

The Reds finally got back onto the pitch after their first loss in the league and an exit from the FA Cup. While not at their flying best, Liverpool … Read More

Four Findings: Wolverhampton 2-1 Liverpool

Coming off a hard-luck loss against their nearest rivals in the chase for the league title, Liverpool detoured to Wolverhampton for the third round … Read More