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Massive red. Like to give my opinions on anything football related.

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Liverpool V Manchester City: Combined XI

The international break to say the very least, was as boring as ever, so let's get back to the real football! Liverpool travel to Manchester City on … Read More

Liverpool Player Ratings: Crystal Palace (H)

Liverpool secured their first win of the Premier League season today, seeing off Crystal Palace in a 1-0 win. It wasn't Liverpool's most dominating … Read More

Liverpool Predicted XI: Crystal Palace (H)

On Saturday, Liverpool will be looking for their first three points of the season, something they weren't able to achieve at Watford due to conceding … Read More

Liverpool team news: Watford (A)

It's that time! The Premier League season kicks off today, well with the exception of Arsenal's 4-3 victory over Leicester on Friday night. For … Read More

Mohamed Salah… On his way to Liverpool?

Social media went crazy on Wednesday night as the Mohamed Salah to Liverpool transfer reports had fans refreshing their Twitter feed every other … Read More

Predicted XI: Middlesbrough (H)

Liverpool go into Sunday's game knowing this is undoubtedly the biggest game of the season. Forget the win against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge or … Read More
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