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“Keep it up Reds” – Liverpool fans react to win against Tottenham

Liverpool beat Tottenham Hotspur 0-1 away from home on Saturday in old school fashion. In the first-half, Liverpool looked the dominant team. They … Read More

“WHAT. A. GAME.” Liverpool fans react to the win against Leicester

Liverpool battered and dismantled Brendan Rodgers' Leicester City, winning 0-4 at the King Power Stadium. In the first half, the Reds looked like … Read More

“Kloppage time strikes again” – Liverpool fans react to beating Monterrey

Liverpool just beat Monterrey 2-1 in a dramatic finish to advance to the Club World Cup Final. In the first half, Liverpool dominated possesion and … Read More

“Plenty to be proud of” Liverpool fans react to losing to Aston Villa

Liverpool have exited out of the Carabao Cup after a 5-0 away lossto Aston Villa. The team fielded by Liverpool was the youngest in the club's … Read More

“Give Salah a lifetime contract” – Fans react to Liverpool’s win

Liverpool beat Watford 2-0 at Anfield in an uncomfortable encounter for supporters. In the first half, surprisingly Watford looked the most likely … Read More

“WHAT A GAME LADS” – Liverpool fans react to thrashing Everton

Liverpool beat Everton 5-2 in the Merseyside derby at Anfield on Wednesday night. Jurgen Klopp shocked fans when he rested Mohamed Salah and Roberto … Read More
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