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Lennon describes his ideal Odsonne Edouard scenario

Neil Lennon has revealed he would agree a one-year contract extension with Odsonne Edouard in an ideal world, and the Hoops' summer would get off to … Read More

Ferguson says Rangers would have to accept Celtic being crowned champions

Barry Ferguson believes Rangers would have to accept it if the season was forced to finish now and Celtic were crowned champions, and he makes an … Read More

Celtic set to make wage cut decision in April

Celtic are set to make a decision on whether those employed by the club need to take a wage cut or not by the end of April, and it could prove to be … Read More

Ajer addresses areas of his game he needs to improve on

Kristoffer Ajer has openly addressed the areas of his game he needs to improve on and that could bode well for Celtic's chances of keeping him this … Read More

Celtic fans react to Lennon’s response after Sutton’s question

A number of Celtic fans appear to have thoroughly enjoyed hearing Neil Lennon's response to Chris Sutton's question about how he would react to the … Read More

Lennon should put his faith in Greg Taylor following Bruce’s praise

Neil Lennon should put his faith in Greg Taylor for the 2020/21 season following praise from his former Kilmarnock teammate Alex Bruce. Speaking to … Read More
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