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Liverpool Player Ratings: Champions League final

Liverpool's Champions League dreams were shattered in Kiev as the Reds lost 3-1 to Real Madrid. Having lost their talisman Mohamed Salah to a … Read More
  • By Ste Hoare
  • 4 min read time
  • 581 reads

Stoke 0-3 Liverpool: Manager Review

Let's do this chronologically. When the team sheets were announced at 7pm on Wednesday evening, we were all a bit surprised. The approach was … Read More
  • By Andy Bell
  • 5 min read time
  • 430 reads

Manager Review: Man United (H)

After what was laughably termed in some quarters as a 'Mourinho masterclass', honours ended even yet again for Jurgen Klopp's Reds against old rivals … Read More
  • By Gil David
  • 8 min read time
  • 318 reads

Manager Review: Spartak Moscow (A)

'WHICH of his players did Jurgen love?' Was the bizarre question from a Sky Sports reporter before the game. By the end of a frustrating away draw … Read More
  • By Gil David
  • 5 min read time
  • 136 reads

Manager Review: Hoffenheim (A)

Was anyone else getting deja vu at all watching the Hoffenheim game? Dynamite in attack, disastrous in defence; just like the Watford clash last … Read More
  • By Gil David
  • 6 min read time
  • 242 reads

Manager review: Watford (A)

Well, we got what we deserved there, didn't we? Around 20 minutes of excellent attacking play in the second half was nowhere near enough to paper … Read More
  • By Gil David
  • 8 min read time
  • 284 reads