One thing you’re always told as a young footballer is never take your eye off the ball when striking it. Lift your head up too soon and you may end up missing the target completely.

Well, that’s exactly what happened to Adam Lallana during yesterday’s 1-1 draw with Manchester City but surprisingly that wasn’t the most embarrassing moment of that sequence of play.

Roberto Firmino, whose delightful weighted pass with the outside of his boot put Lallana in a can’t miss position, was ready to celebrate before the ball had even reached the net.

What he did here was he took his eyes off the ball.

With Lallana primed and ready to tuck home the ball to give the Reds the lead with just minutes to go at the Etihad, Firmino turns to the fans and begins a knee slide celebration in front of the travelling support.

He’s unaware that Lallana has spurned his opportunity and the score remains level and surely only the reaction of the Liverpool fans facing Firmino has given the Brazilian the indication that the game is still tied.

Firmino looks back and then hangs his head in his hands in sheer disbelief that Lallana has failed to score from a seemingly unmissable position.

More embarrassing for the attacker is that he had celebrated a goal that never was.

A lesson learned and a moment to forget for Roberto.