In what has become an annual match with Tranmere, Liverpool visited Rovers for a pre-season friendly. This tune-up revealed more of a mixed bag from the last game, with Liverpool winning 3-2.

It was a quick turnaround with the adjusted scheduling but good preparation for the coming season with multiple spells where the matches will come thick and fast. Plus, Jurgen Klopp’s preference for swapping sides at half-time provided a chance to see more players perform.

In very much a game of two halves, Liverpool are clearly still working on fitness and individual’s are still finding their feet. The first half showed all the best bits in this one, while the second half revealed the weaknesses that need addressing.

The first 45 saw the provocative pairing of newcomers Fabinho and Naby Keita, which previewed possibilities. The midfield dominated while the wing play on both sides created and capitalized on chances.

The second 45 proved a jumble with mistakes making more of an impact. The second side looked less in sync and lacked the finishing flair despite delivering chances.

Still, it is preseason with a far broader range of reasons for team selection and individual targets to be considered.

Here are four findings from the match: