It’s been 28 long years since Liverpool last won a league title in England and Jurgen Klopp’s men are hoping to end that drought this season.

There are a whole host of reasons why the Reds have not lifted a title since 1990.

Whether it be other clubs outgrowing Liverpool in terms of finances, players not being up to the task or simple bad luck, every fan has their own reasons as to why they think Liverpool have been unable to get back to the top of English football.

However, ex-Reds’ goalkeeper Bruce Grobbelaar says he knows why the Reds haven’t been able to lift a title since he helped them win the league in 1990.

Grobbelaar says that Liverpool will not win the title again until a curse, placed on the club by a witch-doctor, is broken.

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images Sport

During an interview with Donald McRae of The Guardian, Grobbelaar was asked, if told in 1990 that the Reds wouldn’t win another title until 2019 at the earliest, would he have been shocked.

He replied:

No. I blame the witch-doctor who came to Anfield because he’s the one who put stuff on my goal and said: ‘If you don’t have Jungleman, you’re not going to win again.’ They haven’t.

McRae asked Grobbelaar how the curse could be broken, the ex-goalkeeper replied:

The only way is to urinate on all four posts. I’ve done two but I got caught going down Anfield Road and removed. That’s when Liverpool came second [in 2014]. If we don’t win the title this season I’m going down Anfield Road and doing those two other posts.

Do you think Liverpool are cursed?