YouTube is one of the world’s biggest websites, playing a major role in modern football.

Whether it be official club channels or fan accounts, it is viewed by many millions of supporters around the world.

When it comes to Liverpool, YouTube content is through the roof and of high quality, providing supporters with a unique way of following the Reds.

The club itself benefits hugely from the site, with new figures compiled by livefootballtickets revealing that Liverpool earn $663,940 per month from YouTube, helped by having 3.15 million subscribers.

That’s just shy of $8 million a year – approximately £6.2 million.

Sky Sports Football leads the way in the football market, making a staggering $1.06 million a month.

Liverpool are third in the list, highlighting what a huge club they are currently, inspired by the world-class management of Jurgen Klopp.

F2Freestylers sit above the Reds in second place, with Barcelona (fifth) their closest challengers, in terms of other clubs.

What a great time it is for anyone of a Liverpool persuasion.

Will Liverpool win the Premier League this season?