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Managing Director at Fresh Press Media Ltd.

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QUIZ: Can you name these hidden Liverpool players from past cup final wins?

How good are you at recognising Liverpool players, past or present, without actually seeing who they are? To find out, have a go at our latest … Read More
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The shortest ever managerial reigns

Over the years, the average period of time a football manager sticks with one club has taken a huge hit, with club's looking for immediate success. … Read More

QUIZ: The great big Liverpool Premier League shirt number quiz

How much do you know about the squad numbers that have been used by Liverpool in the Premiership/Premier League/era? Test your knowledge with our … Read More
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Who will win the Bundesliga title when football resumes in Germany?

We have no word on when the Bundesliga season will restart just yet, but what we do know is that when the action returns, we could be in for a … Read More

20 weird food combinations that actually work!

Sausage and bacon, beans and toast, fish and chips. There are a few food combinations that just work. They have done for years and will continue to … Read More
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Ranked: The 20 greatest British game shows of all time

Viewing figures show that the UK public love their game shows, and those figures may well be on the rise with the country on lockdown over … Read More
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