Former Manchester United defender Gary Neville has given his thoughts on the incident involving Jamie Carragher, saying that his former England team mate should not be sacked by Sky Sports.

Carragher was seen spitting at a car whilst driving home from Old Trafford following Liverpool’s 2-1 defeat to United. The driver of the other car was goading Carragher, who responded by spitting towards him, inadvertently hitting the driver’s daughter.

Julian Finney/Getty Images Sport

Carragher has been suspended by Sky and there have been calls for him to be sacked, but Neville took to Twitter to say that he thinks his Monday Night Football co-star should be given a second chance.

Carragher and Neville are often praised for their punditry and many viewers will be hoping they stay together, but there is no word on what Sky plan to do with him at this time.