Andrew Robertson is quickly becoming a fan favourite at Anfield and deservedly so.

The Scottish international has been excellent since day one for Liverpool and many consider him to be the best left-back the Reds have had in the Premier League era.

As well as being a very good player, Robertson has a bit about himself too, and he proved that when he threw Alessandro Florenzi on his backside during the 4-2 loss to Roma, a loss that was still good enough to get the Reds to the Champions League final.

That incident is the latest subject of my tactical analysis series.

(Images via LFCTV)

The Context

Liverpool are drawing 2-2 in Rome, meaning they are 7-4 up on aggregate with just six minutes plus added time on the clock. Kiev is so close that Liverpool can almost taste it.

Sadio Mane has had Florenzi on toast all night, making a show of him time after time. Florenzi, complete with his porno ‘tash, got so wound up about getting embarrassed that he put in a terrible challenge on Mane in the 74th minute, one that could have been a red card. Less than ten minutes later, Robertson sees his opportunity to get revenge on the full-back for assaulting his mate Sadio.

The Build Up

Liverpool are looking to kill time so James Milner, fresh from scoring the funniest goal of all time earlier in the match, does the clever thing and rolls the ball down the touchline. Robertson, the ever-willing runner, sets off after it but to his credit, Florenzi gets his body in the way and the ball rolls out of play.

The Push

Robertson seemed happy enough to let the ball run out of play and take a few seconds off the clock but then he remembers that this fella with the dodgy muzzy tried to snap his mate’s leg earlier, so he decides that rather than him be on the pitch, Florenzi should be on the running track, so he launches him over there like a bouncer launching a drunk out on an alehouse.

Florenzi goes for miles (look how far away he is from the pitch on the image below!) and Robbo just casually walks off. Kostas Manolas comes over on the bounce, reckoning he’s hard but Robertson just laughs in his face and jogs off.

The referee books the Liverpool left-back but still wants a word. Robertston, with the face of a little Scottish angel, seems shocked that the ref wants to talk with him. Either that or he’s just time wasting by running away from the ref like I used to do on FIFA 94.

The Aftermath

Robertson and Liverpool advance to the Champions League final, whilst AS Roma are knocked out, meaning Florenzi has to go home and take a long, hard look at himself in the mirror.

When he does that, the first thing he’ll see is that his tash that makes him look like The Yes Guy off The Simpsons.

The next thing he’ll see will be  flashbacks of Mane making a show of him time after time.

The third thing he’ll see, is a stupid, horrible, bad tashed loser.