After reflecting on the season and more recently England duty in the Nations League, Tottenham’s Danny Rose has spoken of how hard it has been to be amongst Champions League winners Jordan Henderson, Trent Alexander-Arnold and Joe Gomez after losing in the final just a few days before.

As reported by the BBC, the Tottenham defender said:

You are reminded every day you lost and that was a unique experience for me.

Many have suggested that Tottenham were the better team on the night in Madrid, but it was the Reds who came away with the trophy despite their uncharacteristic performance.

Rose admitted it was draining have to share a camp with the fellow England players and was coy on his Spurs future after links away from the club, something he understands happens at his age, being 28.

It’s not about regular first-team football. I know my age and I know how the club’s run in terms of if you get to a certain age they might look to ship you on.

He later admitted that playing for England is an honour and despite feeling tired he would never turn down the duty no matter what obstacles he has to overcome.

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