With Liverpool not playing until Sunday afternoon, Reds fans across the globe were able to keep an eye on Saturday’s football without having to worry about their team for 24 hours or so.

One of the games they could have been watching was Everton’s clash with Sheffield United at Goodison Park.

The Blades won that game 2-0, which is good news as it’s always funny when Everton lose, but what was even funnier was the chant from the away fans at Goodison.

These Liverpool supporters were big fans of the song.

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In the grand scheme of things, Everton’s results shouldn’t impact Liverpool too much as the Reds have much higher ambitions than the Blues, based on Liverpool  having a much better team and manager.

However, football is all about rivalries and it’s funny to watch Everton lose and it’s even funnier to watch them being mocked at their own stadium.