Whilst some of you might suggest that Sadio Mane’s goal was the best part of the win over Everton, I’m going to disagree with you.

I mean, sure, injury time goals to beat The Ev at Goodison Park are absolutely amazing and all that, but if it wasn’t for Dejan Lovren taking Romelu Lukaku out on the halfway line, we may never have got to that point.

So, similar to what I did after my other favourite Lovren moment, his kick into the stands at Swansea, here’s my tactical analysis of the Croatian putting the big Belgian on his arse.


It’s the 56th minute and after a first half of huffing and puffing, Everton have realised that they’re Everton and Liverpool have realised that they’re Liverpool. The Reds are on top and dominating the ball. However, Everton do have Lukaku in their team and he’s the only lad who ever looks like scoring. Everton win the ball back and look to counter.

The Build Up

Ross Barkley, he of not hard enough to injure Jordan Henderson fame, plays the ball so Lukaku can take it on the turn and run Lovren and Ragnar Klavan.

The Eye Up

Lovren‘s not stupid. He knows Lukaku is a decent runner and probably has the legs on him and Klavan. As soon as the Belgian takes his touch, Lovren eyes him up like a Lion eyeing up a gazelle.

The Block Off

With relative ease, Lovren simply steps across Lukaku and tries, albeit unsuccessfully, to make it look like an accident.

The Aftermath

Lukaku falls to the ground like an oak tree that’s been felled in the forest whilst Dejan stays on his feet and strolls away hoping Mike Dean, the oddest referee ever, doesn’t book him.

In typical Everton style, they take the free kick and it comes to nothing and then 40 minutes later Sadio Mane scores and the Reds win the game and Everton lose.

The Footage

Here’s the wonderful block in all of it’s glory:

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