The drama of the title race is still fresh and Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has admitted his side could be distracted, with the Reds playing their fixtures after rivals Manchester City.

Salah’s thunderbolt helped Liverpool back to the top of the table, defeating Chelsea 2-0 on Sunday afternoon, in what was one of their most important matches this season.

They are now only two points clear of City after they had briefly gone ahead in the table, thanks to an easy 3-1 win against Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park.

It was after the match that Klopp admitted, as reported by the Manchester Evening News, that his side could be distracted when playing after City, with the final whistle blowing at Selhurst Park just 30 minutes prior to kick off at Anfield.

The biggest challenge for us is always facing the world outside, and other people. We play our game.

If City lost and we find out five minutes before the game that’s not a help. You lose your focus then.

City have one game in hand against Liverpool, with four of their remaining five games being played before Klopp’s men. The Liverpool boss has also come out and explained how he intends to grasp the title from the favourites.

We only try to collect as many points as possible. What is it now, 85? Four games to play. 97. Let’s try.

And if that’s enough, then perfect. If not, we cannot change it. And we didn’t lose it here or there or whatever.

From a players’ point of view, after his world-class strike into the top left corner of the Chelsea goal, Salah has admitted that following the scores of other games may help to spur his team on.

I did follow Man City to see the result, it can help us but also push us to perform better. You need to score, you can’t lose any points, I knew the result of Manchester City’s game.

Both teams now have upcoming mid-week Champions League fixtures, with Liverpool looking to finish off Portuguese side Porto in the second leg, while Manchester City host Tottenham Hotspur for their next two games, in both the Premier League and the Champions League.