In my fourth piece of the season looking at defining moments of Liverpool’s 2016/17 campaign – Dejan Lovren’s hoof and his bodying Romelu Lukaku being parts one and two and the Manchester City fan who threw a blue flare onto the pitch in injury time when their team was losing 1-0 being number three – I’ll look at James Milner deciding to trap the ball with his face.

The Build Up

Liverpool were terrible against Southampton and were genuinely lucky to only be 1-0 down. If not for a few decent saves from Loris Karius and Nathan Redmond being a bit rubbish at scoring, the Toxic Thunders could have been three or four down. Anyway, late in the game, Liverpool went in search of an equaliser and as usual, Milner had busted a gut to get up the pitch in attack. He was forced into the corner by Cedric and the pair battled for the ball.

The Slip

In what will go down as the most infamous slip ever by a Liverpool player wearing the captain’s armband, Milner, having lost his balance, got up and attempted a Cruyff turn. It didn’t go well and he went on his arse.

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The Moment

Milner, now firmly on his backside, knew that Cedric was going to look to clear the ball, so in true heroic fashion, he decided to trap the ball against the ground with his face.

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The Cedric Spin

Milner, knowing the ball was safe got to his feet as Cedric began to question what the hell had just happened. The Portuguese star had no idea where the ball was and had to do a spin to find it.

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The Aftermath

Milner kept control and laid the ball back to Ragnar Klavan and Liverpool were able to start another useless attack that led to absolutely nothing.