Liverpool’s draw against Manchester United provided many talking points. There were bad officiating calls, some excellent passages of play and Jose Mourinho being the meff that he always is.

But one moment stands head and shoulders above the rest. This moment:

It’s so good that it becomes the fifth subject for my Tactical Analysis series (click these links to see parts one, two, three and four).

The Build Up

Liverpool are drawing 1-1 at Old Trafford deep into injury time. The ball falls to Wayne Rooney. Since coming on at half time,  Martin Tyler has been dying for him to score and break United’s goalscoring record. Martin is ready. Martin is set. Martin just needs a goal so he can celebrate more than he did for Anthony Martial’s debut goal against Liverpool.

The Moment

The ball falls to the man who famously wore a ‘Once a Blue, Always a Blue’ shirt and Tyler was out of his seat.

This was his moment, he had been desperate for it. He has his line ready. He’s had it for weeks:

Is it in the script? Is it in the stars?

Maybe Martin hasn’t noticed that Rooney is 40-odd-yards out and has a man directly in front of him? Maybe he has? Maybe Martin thinks his good wishes and willing will lead to a White Pele screamer?


Rooney sensibly goes for a pass. The problem is, he’s a bit crap these days and hits it straight to Emre Can.

The Aftermath

Tyler is gutted.

His moment had gone.

It could have been iconic.

It could have been magical.

His beloved Man United could have won, Rooney could be a record breaker and his voice could be synonymous with an all time United moment.

But it’s not, because Rooney hit it straight to Emre Can.

Unlucky Martin mate.