Liverpool are set to be asked to take part in a new Club World Cup format which will take place every four years from 2021.

The Liverpool Echo cite The Times journalist Martyn Ziegler in saying World governing body FIFA are to hold a council meeting at the start of June in an attempt to finalise the plans competition.

The new 24 team format would include 12 clubs from Europe, and those who have won three European Cup’s will be the first to be invited.

That means Liverpool, Manchester United, Real Madrid, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Ajax would all be invited to compete.

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images Sport

Of course, the clubs would not have to take part should they not wish to do so, but with a guaranteed £50m for competing and a potential £100m for winning the tournament, clubs are unlikely to turn down the offer.

However it seems that UEFA and the Premier League are not happy with the plans and will fight against the idea for the tournament, despite FIFA president Gianni Infantino and deputy secretary general Zvonimir Boban having already held preliminary talks with several clubs.

If the tournament was to go ahead then it would take place in the June of every fourth year and would mean the end of the current low-profile winter competition that already takes place and the Confederations Cup.

The inaugural event could first take place in China, with the country having already expressed an interest in hosting the world’s best teams.